The MO

Bootstrapcademy is all about helping startup founders bootstrap their startup to success.

Bootstrapping is the way to go and should be the default MO for all early stage startups. You need to be self-sufficient and resourceful to bootstrap — that means educating and informing yourself, and getting up-to-speed quickly with what you need to know.

The hack

Learning can be so overwhelming. Where do you start?  What do you really need to know?  How can you get the maximum learning results and get up to speed quickly with the most efficient use of your time?  Where do you find the best learning resources that deliver?  It’s all the more overwhelming when you only have so much time.  Bootstrapcademy makes life easier for you by giving you a core no-nonsense curriculum to follow.  We scour the online learning space and handpick the most effective, efficient and accessible courses for you.

Bootstrapcademy also publishes its own courses for startups on the Udemy platform, with the focus on teaching bootstrapping startup founders what they need to know.

The founder

Bootstrapcademy was founded by Judith Zen. Judith is a finance professional turned compulsive and serial entrepreneur, Judith has been working with entrepreneurs for many years and with startups extensively in recent years as advisor, mentor, strategist and as an all-rounded surrogate co-founder of sorts. Judith is a fervent advocate for bootstrapping startups. She is eager to share the many lessons she has learned along the way with her own entrepreneurial endeavors and with the startups that she’s been involved with. She is committed to helping startup founders bootstrap the smart way, not the hard way.